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Sonny6,908 plays
Sonny Game17,275 plays
Overrun 23,605 plays
Hero RPG 227,270 plays
Hero RPG18,265 plays
Duels Defense15,554 plays
Metroid Genesis6,345 plays
Zombie Patrol4,828 plays
Game Information
You are the zombie hero Sonny, and you hunger for revenge! And, ya know, brains... Choose from 4 different classes, from melee to magic, in this classic RPG! Play Sonny!
Played:6,907 times
27 like this game. 4 hate this game.
Category:All Games > Action > Arena Fighting Games
Author:Armor Games
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Instructions / How to play
Classic final-fantasy-style RPG gameplay.

See in-game tutorial for complete instructions.
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